The most difficult task

The most difficult task

What would be most difficult task for any person in this world? – Such difficult one that no one can even achieve 25% of it.

Any guesses?
According to me, the most difficult task – at least for me – would be explaining colors to the blind and music to the deaf. Do you agree with me?
There are so many colors that I, you – normal human – can see. If anyone asks me – it’s the colors and the music that I cherish the most in my life. Even animals cannot see colors other than black and white…
Imagine how would you explain Red Rose or white snow or blue sky? I would not get any words to explain the colors. While I am writing my blog here, I am thinking if there was a blind person in front of me right now, how would I explain the magic of colors? – gold, red, blue, silver decorations hanging on the Christmas tree; the colors splashed on loved ones on Holi festival; color of kingfisher diving inside water; green grasshopper in the lawns; beautiful multi-colored butterfly sitting on a lavender flower … ???
Similarly the music one hears all around – guitars being played; sound of the drums; singers singing; birds humming; the sound of the breeze on a silent moonless night….
Can you explain these things and be successful in doing it?

I agree, with the on-going trend in technology there is no disease or disability that cannot be cured but I am talking about the acute blind; total blind/deaf – which cannot be cured…

Sometimes, whenever I in trouble I used to always ask god – why me? why I am at the end of everything bad like this? – but now I think I shall not question god. I thank him for providing me all the senses right in place (at least now they are in place 🙂 ) and with this I make my new year resolution that I will become a part of the NGO (Non-Government Organization) to help for the betterment of the needy.

What about you ?
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  1. well…saptha…u have a great insight on this and thanks 2 u for even i wanted 2 share my views too…life is just the beginning of everything for everybody.what ever is there for us..we just need to pick it up.There are some things which v cannot change,it just happens.The only thing v can do is to change our approach to it to make it feel better for us and everybody around us.
    As you know there has to be kinda revolution for anything in the society to be achieved by the citizens n keeping that in mind i guess the whole Non-governmental organizations or what ever will not survive the hasty situations further ahead as it faces a up hill tasks.
    The bottom line is that help the needy alone or wid sum of ur trusted friends.if everybody does the same thing v dont need any organizations to fight it.

  2. Hi all,
    With my friend’s comment here, “The bottom line is that help the needy alone or wid sum of ur trusted friends.”, which is very true.
    I am glad to tell you that i have joined a voluntary group called as Winning aspirations (; where we help the needy without a second thought. ! 🙂


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