Book Review – Immortal Plague – Judas Chronicles

Immortal Plague (The Judas Chronicles #1)Immortal Plague by Aiden James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(contains minor spoilers; please be warned)

What else can be more interesting to know that T-H-E Judas Iscariot is alive (immortal) and has adapted (well!?) to the current technology?

The first few pages into the book when the narrator – Judas – himself tells about his past, I’d to (literally!!) re-read the pages couple of times. Then, I got a hang of it..

Come to think of it, is it real that people are immortals? Ofcourse, no one will come and tell me while I’m sipping on my coffee right!?

I liked this book (more) when it was Judas’s story what he was doing all these centuries and about his whereabouts, this and that.. But I was little disappointed to see that this turned into another hollywood-Sylvester Stallone-Rambo types for few chapters..

And then the “fountain of youth” fiesta pushed me from reality to history to action into fantasy and then back into reality when Judas finds what he was looking for.. Phew!

One hell of a ride but I liked it.. I will go back to the next book of the series.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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