Book review : The Candidate’s Daughter (spoilers alert, please be warned)

The Candidate's DaughterThe Candidate’s Daughter by Catherine Lea

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

(spoiler’s alert, please be warned)
The typical Hollywood/Bollywood kind of story – a politician’s kid being kidnapped for a ransom(sorry to kill all your suspense). But from the eyes of a kidnapper and the mom – from the women. With a heart. Ofcourse. Right?

First few pages made me read quickly, couldn’t stop myself from reading it, in between, it became sort of monotonous with flipping between Kelsey(one of the kidnappers) and Elizabeth (mom). And, the end was not-so quick and not-so monotonous but the end if known if in case a person has seen a lot of Hollywood/Bollywood movies. The bad guy turned good guy(Kelsey) dies in the police shoot out and Elizabeth is united with the kid.

Overall a very fast read for me – meaning – post 45% of the book, i just flipped through very quickly, didnt bother to read every word/line. If you are expecting a very exciting thrill kinda novel, this is not for you.

Catherine Lea’s writing is plain simple and good to read fast.

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