Book Review – The Last Survivors (The Last Survivors #1)

The Last Survivors (The Last Survivors #1)The Last Survivors by Bobby Adair
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sometimes I wondered, was i reading a medieval book or a dystopian one.

I’d pushed reading this book for long, it was in my kindle lib for nearly 3 months. The first few pages weren’t very enticing but once i was done with few chapters, it wasn’t that bad either.

I had to skim through some of the pages at some chapters but surely didn’t miss anything.
Good book but not so good book, that’s why 3/5.

What will happen to Ella and William kept me reading, for rest others, I couldn’t find a connection. Story is so not badly woven around things, again killed by spikes, the Word of God, the Cleansing by Pyre etc. made me think, the backdrop was somewhere in 1700’s.

To complete the story, I will be getting back to #2. Hope to find it better than this and have an interesting ending.

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