Book review – The man who watched the world end

(contains spoilers)

the man who watched the world end

When I first read the title I thought there would be violence, killing and getting killed – I mean what other ways would a world end? I was in that notion that world would end with a bang, explosion or something that would wipe out the human race and other creatures in one go.

But no! The world can end in a different way. And this book shows how. Imagine we keep growing old but we don’t have the next generation inline to take up their rights in this world?

Honestly first few chapters of this book were gripping, the narrator – an old man – starts with describing his current situation that it’s only him and his brother in wheelchair and they watch movies and listen to music to pass time.

He says – Each day we were all a little older, a little closer to the end.

The narrator then describes that his house is a jail and animals outside are the jailers – which would make you think as to what the hell is happening here? Is the zombies ruling the earth or is it that animals have evolved to be more better species than humans and have started hunting them down. A nice suspense is built around this.

But no! When I read the actual theory of what happened, it made me cringe. As I said, I expected Big Bang, boom or bite or scratch or something pretty violent, but to my surprise, it’s just plain simple silent. Nature has its way, is what being told in the book.

Humans have done so much of mass destruction everywhere that this could be the real end, actually. Imagine the new generation who would be born would just look like normal human beings but wouldn’t move, talk, smile or walk. Just sit or lie in one place like a statue. Imagine this would happen to every new born in the world, each one of them – without any brain activity, new-borns comatose-d at birth. No future ahead for human race. The present generation is the last standing in line. No amount of money or no country government or no one can do anything about it, the nature has decided this path of extinction for humans.

” their bodies that still developed enough to regulate breathing, go through puberty, and eventually have grey hair, but that didn’t develop motor neurons or sensory neurons.”

Interesting take, isn’t it, for all the chaos humans have created? The rest living would either eventually die or move to greener pastures, making the narrator and his brother(blocks is how they are called) the only ones left in their area.. The second last family abandon them and move on, making the narrator sad and he keeps hoping that they would return – someday!

The book is basically a one old man’s journal about the past, present and not so rosy future – Old man with a mind of a child with another human to take care of.

To be honest at certain point, I thought the book just was dragging. The same routine that the narrator goes through and how he strives to be alive, and eventually care for his “block” brother for a 100th time describing why he cannot lift his hand. That’s when I started to skim through the pages and quickly ended the last few chapters of the book.

The last chapter he describes how the narrator has a duel with a dog and how his hand has been hurt so badly; how he dreams about this pre-school where all his classmates now old sitting in their seats and listening to their teacher.

To rate this book, even though, i felt it was a drag somewhere, I would give it a 3.5 out of 5, for it is a pretty interesting novel with an equally interesting take. Maybe I don’t or can’t enjoy a slow dystopian novels but I would still recommend for a quick read.

 Rating: 3.5/5

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