Book Review – The Dead Room by Stephanie Erickson

****This review contains Spoilers******

The Dead Room (The Dead Room Trilogy #1)The Dead Room by Stephanie Erickson
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A Post Apocalypse book that kept me entralled till the last one line. No, I’m very serious. I knew there are other parts for this book as this is part 1. I wanted to read the rest of it, I’m still thinking should I or shouldn’t I. Because, the writing of the author is good, captures the mind and attention.

The last time that broke me was “I am Bennett Ashby and I am not the savior”

Whhhaaatttttt???!!?? The whole book is told that Ashby guy was the one who formed this community and they worship him like God and what not. They even change the “For God’s sake” to “For Ashby’s Sake” and what not. The part 1 ending says “I am not the savior”.

Trust me when I say this, I was in a public transport going back home and burst out laughing so loud that people around me started staring at me.

Oh! come on!

I will have to go back to the next part, because all in part 1 i was made to learn that Ashby was the savior and now in the next part i will know why Ashby WASNT the savior.

God save me or Ashby save me.

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