10+ organisations in Bangalore that are doing their bit for animal rights

In this cruel world where humans prove “survival of the fittest” theory aptly, do not show kindness nor compassion to the animals. But there are those few,

who fight for the rights of the non-speaking community of this world. Such are the below 10+ organizations Bangalore who stand up(strongly) for the animal rights and that – all of us should learn a thing or two.

This post is dear to me because I have a dog of my own – so to say fur-baby of my own. I love her like my human-baby and thus, I will give credits to all the animal rights organizations who do something to make the lives better for these animals.

If you see something wrong and walk past it, then you are among the several humans who dont care. If you speak up, then you are an activist. So, the choice is yours.

  • People For Animals, Bangalore (Kengeri; http://www.peopleforanimalsbangalore.org/)
    • This organization look into rescue of injured,displaced, orphaned, exploited/harassed animals. Their pfabprimary concerns/action is crisis management and the provision of quick, efficient aid to those animals that require it the most. Also, they operate a pet cemetery near Kengeri where the pet can be laid to rest in peace.


  • Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) (www.cupabangalore.org)
    • Organization founded in 1991 and operated from 2 room house by its founder Crystal Rogers, now CUPA cupaoperates from seven centers across bangalore. Crystal rogers, as per her biography, she too struggled with changing houses because her owners disliked animals(so, this condition hasn’t changed even to this date, huh!) Stray dogs to abandonded pets to resuced animals to injured animals, more than 10,000 wild and domestic animals pass through its portals. It has a trauma center, birth control center, second chance, geriartric centre and rescue and rehabilitation centers. They are also invovled in rescue operations of animals from lab testing companies and get those animals adopted by responsible humans.
  • The Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre (WRRC) (Ulsoor CUPA Branch)
    • set up by trustees of cupaCUPA with a mission –  to provide relief to wild animals, birds and reptiles; including medical treatment and housing; as well as to handle cases of cruelty involving these animals.


  • Second Chance Adoption Centre (CUPA Branch, Central Silkboard)
    • A nondescript place near the busiest hub in Bangalore – Central Silkboard, cupahere you can find abandonded unwanted pets from irresponsible owners or cruel breeders who are given a second chance in life – to be loved again and to be home again


  • Voice of Stray Dogs(VoSD) (http://www.strays.in/)
    • Voice of stray dogs as the name suggests mainly works to provide relief to stray dogs – trauma and rescue center, rehabillitation, sheltervosd and rescue home to strays/abandonded/harrassed animals. Rakesh Shukla is the founder of this organization. Shukla’s five-acre farm on the city’s outskirts has about 500 dogs, apart from 50-odd dogs being treated at its trauma centre . To his help, he has a team of vets, interns and volunteers.


  • Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre(CARE) (Jakkur; http://charlies-care.com/)
    • They say an inspiration can come from anywhere or anyone, just that one carehas to be keen to do something
      different. This holds good for CARE as Charlie is a 3 legged streetie is the inspiration for the founders of this organization in 2013. To quote “in January 2013 by a group of animal lovers who felt that Bangalore city was in dire need of an animal shelter where stray and abandoned animals could be housed,given timely medical aid, rehabilitated and re-homed”


  • Krupa (https://krupaanimalsbangalore.wordpress.com/)
    • Founded in 2000, Krupa takes care of abandonded and krupainjured/deseased pets and strays. As most of the organizations target for, Krupa too does a intensive rescue and treat indian dog(indie breed) and encourage the people to adopt and not buy.



  • Precious Paws Foundation (http://preciouspawsfoundation.org/)
    • PPF was founded by Debadrita Jadhav in 2012 with the main mission of ppfre-homing stray/abandonded puppies(specially). They are intially under foster care(called as foster angels) who take care of them (food, shelter, vaccinations and specially love) before they find their forever homes.


  • Let’s live together ( Rajajinagar; https://letslivetogether.wordpress.com/ )
    • The organization was founded by Achala Paani The mission statement of this organization says it all – To letslivetogetherRestore The Image Of Indian Dogs, Challenging The Breed Discrimination To End Their Homelessness. The organization is involved in rescue and adoption of indian dogs(indie breed). “Don’t buy a dog instead adopt a homeless Indian dog. Be a responsible pet owner. Vaccine and neuter your pet and don’t ever abandon them. You should have a lifelong commitment towards your pet.” is Achala’s suggestion to those who are wanting to have a pet.


  • Akhila Karnataka Prani Daya Sangha ( Koramangala, NGV )
    • Inspite of being right on the Koramangala main road between Lifestyle Oasis Mall and NGV, if you do not this place, you are bound to miss it.
      This organization houses cows, camels, dogs, horses, pigeons etc which are rescued from slaughter houses/circuses or just plain abandoned on roads to fend for themselves. You can either donate money or give money and buy fodder and feed the animals with your own hands(i prefer the latter and have done it few times and the satisfaction is amazing).

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