Time Travel

In response to Daily Prompts – A Bird, a Plane, You!
You get to choose one superpower. Pick one of these, and explain your choice:
– the ability to speak and understand any language
– the ability to travel through time
– the ability to make any two people agree with each other

I always believe every human has a superpower within and one needs to look deep inside what it is and how he/she can use it to become a good human being..

There’re other superpowers that you wish you had so as to change the current situation – for good or for bad..

I read this daily prompt and the whole time I was commuting to office, I was thinking. If I really had this super power – ability to travel through time – the entire course of my life would have changed.tt

There are many a times in the past I wish I get a chance to re-write. Go back and tell irresponsible me to change the decision then and there; to be smart; to be bold; to care a f*ng damn about things; to live life; to see more of the world.. The list goes on..

I can only imagine how things would have worked out. May be for good or maybe for bad.

But then…

I’ve always thought and read many places, if you are destined for something, no matter how much you try to change, it’ll come back to you. No matter I would have changed the scenes; what if ultimately, it would be what it has to be. What if, even after you had this super power to travel through time; but do not have the super power to change the destiny.

Just like this I think – I try my level best, while commuting to office, to avoid any traffic congestion in one place and the next junction or somewhere else in the journey, I would be stuck in the traffic that I did everything to avert previously. Karma, right?!? Hmm…

So, after all this thinking, I shrug myself and say “hell with you time travel, give me something like destiny change, until then, let me beat this goddamn traffic for now…” 😛


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