Beggars are better than anyone else

Do you know why I say this – Beggars are better than anyone else. Because of this news flash and then some moral of the story..

News Flash: Recently I read a news in the local newspaper that there were a couple who spent their lives begging on the streets. Then one day, the wife died suddenly of some ailment. The husband walked all the way back to his village which is 30 kms(19miles) taking his dead wife on a pushcart to give a good burial.

Imagine this. A husband walked 30kms taking his dead wife on a pushcart to give a burial.

I just can’t imagine and I just can’t believe a husband would do that to a wife. In this world of unhappiness where there’s no peace between them. Lots of divorce cases we see. Arguments day in and day out. Can a husband really do that?

Think about it.

Moral of the story:

  • That’s true love where both of them knew they are there for each other in death or in life
  • That’s a lucky lady who has got a husband who loves her so much that he walked for 30kms to give her a good send-off from this dear earth
  • Beggars are better than anyone else because they know the value of things in life

The end.

Until then,

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