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Have you ever asked yourself whether you’re a good mommy? Hey, guess what, all mommies are good mommies because of one big reason – they love their children so much!
Even when the times are tough, sharing our mommying experiences and stories of strength lets us help each other along. Potty training, toddler tantrums, school time or teen rebellion – what has been your biggest challenge so far?

Share your story of dealing with tough mommy days.

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“Have you ever asked yourself whether you’re a good mommy?” is one of the questions that I ask myself even now. And sometimes, I know I am and sometimes I know I can be a better one (too much of peer pressure, you see :)).

One of the vivid struggles, that I remember I had, was the day of my delivery. I delivered a beautiful 2.8kg baby boy and when we were shifted to the private room, I was asked to feed my baby. Of course, such things do not have training right, it’s always a on-the-job training – that is expected from you as if you are a pro in baby feeding.

Strangely, I was not producing much at the time and my baby would be hungry and cry. At the same time, we were told that he has jaundice and he should be under the photo therapy for a day. I can only imagine how a new born would feel if he is put into a bassinet not in mom’s arms the same day he is born (i do not want to talk about those beautiful babies who are in neo-natal ICU due to some issue). He would cry and a nurse who swoop in with a bottle feed and feed him.

Once the jaundice subsided, I was back to the feeding task and I can still remember his cries with hunger but he had no energy to drink. That’s when, in my mother’s presence I broke down in middle of the night that I am not a good mommy (i have tears in my eyes now, when I recount this memory).

That’s when I realized, being pregnant or giving birth isn’t a feat at all. My mother then told me – “being a mommy is the biggest achievement in itself, if you are strong and patient, (this is one of the smallest situation you will ever see, perhaps forget in matter of time), you can raise a strong healthy baby. There are so many mothers who can’t BF their babies due to body constraints, their babies are equally strong and healthy – look at your own self, you are a formula fed baby.. So be strong and don’t cry, let us go home and you try and try to feed your baby, he’ll be fine”


One thing, that I have learnt over the course of 1.3 years of being a mom (along with my mom’s advice) – that patience and being strong is the key to turn your so-called bad situation into a good one(in all situations in life, not only motherhood). And, also, treat your baby like an adult, talk to him/her like an adult, have patience and keep the smile on.

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