Bizzare…!!! (4)

This is one of the bizzare news/incidents that i come across. Today’s Bizzare news is as follows:

“Karnataka state JD(S) chief Kumaraswamy said that his criteria for giving tickets to criminals is simple: he/she should have the support of party workers and people of the area and should be able to win.
He then goes on arguing with the reporter that “Whats wrong Its a chance for them to reform.If they change, isn’t it an achievement and better for the society” …

Whats wrong? Now, i know why our Indian government and the country as a whole doesnt prosper !!!

I am utterly shocked and surprised and infact badly hurt to see why my country and people running it dont want to improve but rather hell bent to destroy it …!!!

I understand and very well agree, that criminals should be given a chance to reform, but the job has to be provided such that they get confidence, chance to change, money to sustain. One may argue with me that whatever that politician said will satisfy all the above conditions, then why not give a chance in politics.

Two things, firstly are we less of criminals in politics? Secondly may be I’ve Gregorian thoughts but I do not feel it is appropriate to accomodate them in politics.

This topic is highly debatable, I’ve just provided my thoughts and the news that I think is totally bizzare…!


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