Bizzare…!!!! (2)

Being an Indian – born and stayed here for the whole of my life – sometimes whenever i read bizzare news in the newspapers, makes me re-think am i still in this country with bizzare unbelievable cranky culture stuff…

Read this:

For children born in Indi town of Bijapur district , it is a baptism of sorts, and one they cannot escape: they are thrown from a temple top by the priest.
This ritual is a thanksgiving by the parents, who make a promise to the presiding deity of the temple that their child will be thrown down in a show of faith, in exchange for the fulfilment of a wish. Most believe this fall makes the kids strong and brave, and so, its now a rite of passage. Indi was witness to this annual ritual on Wednesday: more than 250 kids aged 1-3 years were thrown from the temple roof during the festival of Indi towns deity Shri Shanteshwar.
At the top of the temple is a specially designed platform, where one of the parents hands the child over to the priest. This man, after a whole-hearted prayer to the deity, throws the child down. It is a clear 20 ft to the ground. Below are four strong-armed persons holding a kambali (thick rug) in their hands. They catch the kids who drop down, and despite the distance , nothing happens to the little ones, though some do wail in fear.

How? What? Whoa..!!?? No words to express my shock…


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  1. Yea.. Even I saw tat in some news channel…. How crazy is tat!!!!!!
    adakke namma desha higirodu…. all nonsense beliefs and thoughts… sumne maado kelsa bittu intave maadodu jana… jana higiruvaaga… Desha hege munde barutte…

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  3. Hey Phyllis,
    Thanks for coming by my blog.. i appreciate it…!
    Yes, i’m on wordpress as well as blogspot.. have a look at my photo-blog:
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