Busy Bee?!

Of-late I haven’t been writing much. I was busy. Hey, don’t judge me, but I was actually genuine-ly busy. I’ll tell you in one sentence possible :

“My-nanny-quit-last-week-and-me-juggling-between-my parents’ home-and-office-and-caring-for-11mo-baby+hectic-office-work” busy i was.. LOL..

Along side, I’ve purchased a domain(its parked for now) and I have been looking to build a website for myself.

Q: Any tips for me? I’ll be grateful to you, if you can help me.. how to get started, how to go about.. I dont want to spend much (actually, I’m a software developer, I can develop a website from scratch if I get some good pointers as well.. Or something that i can use – easy to do types..

And, I’ve been reading some books as well on my way to office and back, that’s also one reason I’ve written (PS: I blog on WP mobile site and its pretty awesome that i can do it..Keeps me at pace actually..)

You’ll hear from me more from now on as things are settling pretty well..

Until then, Beautiful Peeps,
Stay blessed,


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  1. WordPress websites are really easy to build. Customization is really simple and there are a lot of themes that are available. Plugins are there too 🙂


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