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It is actually sad to see that how “rainfall” can create havoc in a metro city like Chennai. One may laugh at me and say, torrential rains are a natural disaster and no one can stand its wrath. But doesn’t our meteorological department issue warning sign for such things? Sure they do.

But ill tell you where the problem lies. The problem lies in uncontrolled development of the city with governments doing their part by just eating money and snoring away to glory.

The problem doesn’t lie in nature nor the meteorological department. It lies within us and the government whom we elect.

I can’t imagine if the same thing had to happen in Bangalore, it could be more worse. Apartments are built on lake beds, drainage system not even maintained properly and the never ending apathy of garbage disposal.

In 2004, Tsunami hit Chennai and that should have been a warning that a strict warning system and disaster recovery team to be set up and be ready for any disasters coming. Every disaster hitting the land will be the first time and there wont be “we’ll be ready the next time”. Natural Disaster is bound to happen due to all the chaos, all the mass destruction and all the abuse created by man. But how we step back, think, remediate and be prepared before the next, matters the most.

Sadly, now, once all the water recedes and things will starting to become normal, all the media and people will ho-ha about the government who is in inefficient and resort to the blame game. But no one will ever look back and look within themselves as to how this happened and how it can be rectified.

Bangalore seems to be worse as a small downpour of continuous rains for 2 days will put the entire life of the citizens upside down. I can only imagine if such a thing happens, what havoc it would create.

With this warning, at least Bangaloreans, leave the governments in their slumber, should start doing something to be prepared. Due to mistakes of some, many others also suffer.

Just because citizens and government is inefficient, kids, elderly, pregnant women, domestic animals are the sufferers.

I do not when people will actually “wakeup” from their slumber and be responsible human beings.

Hope things recover soon for people of Chennai and in case you can help, please reach out at twitter handles~~

#ChennaiFloods #ChennaiRains #ChennaiRescue #HelpChennai


Praying for fellow humans in Chennai,

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