Day Six: About “thee”

I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking… .. .. … ….. …..

When i read today’s assignment title i just happened to Google it and this is what came infront of my eyes and i was overwhelmed with all the attention that was staring at me (blah!)

about you

Phew! I think i could crisply make up “about you” in the about page. I wouldn’t want to talk about my professional life (not that i have exciting days there! :P) but that’s a different platform, right?!

Checkout my “about” page and let me know what you think ๐Ÿ˜‰


About Su
IT consultant by profession, writer/blogger by passion. I love photography. I write about general affairs in day to day life spanning across inspirational thoughts/quotes, women/child/animal rights, photography, DIYs, book reviews to name a few. Follow me - Twitter: @sunayana18 Facebook: Polka Cafe (freelance writer): MyTrendingStories(freelance/contributor):

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