Dog’s love

I never knew what is a dog’s love. I would see some street dogs, pity them or hand them some biscuits and move on. Everything changed when we got this beagle home. She was nearly 2.5months old when we got we home. She was so cute and so soft, all she knew is to eat, sleep, potty/pee. She would fall asleep in our arms or on our lap, that was some kind of love that I hadn’t seen.



Now she is 9months old, she has got naughtier like a child, always running around the house, biting/chewing whatever she gets. Yet she will come next to us, sit, enjoy her chewy or our fingers and the love she shows is something different and cute!


It feels so warm having her at home, she is always there to look at you, communicate silently what she wants and silently watches us. When she gets tired of playing, she would just come and lie down next to us, nearly sticking to us. She is such an adorable love ball that I just can’t explain!

Now I always wonder how would my life be without the dog’s love… … … …


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