Donate money-but for what?!

Recently I read one of the post in social media that someone donated a relatively huge amount of money to a (hold tight, here it comes… …) … … political party where he had saved up that money for something else..

Well this sounds very absurd and ridiculous.. OK Let me put a disclaimer before people get back at me and get mad at me–this post is solely an opinion – a thought of my mind and it need not be taken too personally, donating money is one’s choice whether it’s to a political party or to a beggar.

I wouldn’t do it, not in a million years not even if I were the richest in the world.. Come on why a political party?? That too in india, one of the most corrupt places on earth.. I’m sorry and ashamed to claim this..

There’s a lot more people and organizations which require monetary help-animal rescue shelters and foster homes, old age homes, orphanages, NGOs for runaway girls and boys-to name a few, there a lot more and the list is never ending.. I personally know of organizations that need money – actually for a good cause..

Honestly I’m disappointed to see an educated person taking this decision where there’s a need elsewhere..

My question is why donate to a political party which will help in betterment of the society whereas you yourself can do something to improve the society.. If each individual thinks let’s have someone to do the actual job, then the country will never progress.. Ironically, the same political party talks about how each individual can improvise the society, how each individual can make a difference.. But here we are looking for another person to do our job!

As I said before in the disclaimer it’s (sadly) a personal choice where and how you spend your money..

Is it me or does anyone else feel this?!?!??!?!!!

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