Don’t forget the past, learn from it

” Don’t look at the past, unless it’s a good view”

“Don’t forget the past, learn from it”

We’re at the end of this year. I’ve never done this before, but this week, i look back at the past.

I start with the posts that I’d written previously, touch upon those things that I’d left mid-way. Coincidentally, the year end vacation is one of the places that i had visited many years back. We’re going back to the same place again. More of it in the days to come.. *from the past to present to future*

  1. First of, an inspiration post about cracked pots. This dates back to 2010. You can read it here..
  2. There’s a book review (dated 2008), that had got lost in the sea of posts. I dug it up and posted for your reading. Trust me, you need to read this book and a new book by the same author is getting released and actually, I’m excited to read it in the new year.. <update> you can read it here
  3. Memoirs and new “findings” of the place I love, that I am going to visit shortly.. <update> You can read it here
  4. The one task that I’d left midway – completing it by year end. It is also a part of weekly photo challenge “Now“.. <update> you can read it here 
  5. On new year’s eve, I plan present to you, the year it was in one word – “Survive

Until then, read on.. Enjoy and happy new year… 🙂


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