Female race – cursed life

I was particular in a good mood today, with listening to songs, having good time. But then I came across an article so horrible so sick that at first I had tears in my eyes and more and more I read I started becoming furious.

Angry disappointed furious sad all at the same time. We as humans are going forward, technology advancing by the day, people improving by the day. 

But news reports(open secrets actually because these were prevalent from very long and nothing done) such as child marriages, sati, female genetlia mutiliation and many other torture to female race is actually taking us backwards by years. 

This article is on  female genetlia mutiliation. It’s done to a girl at an average age between 0-16.. Such tender age. The girl’s legs are tied apart for 14 days for the scars to heal? Can there be anything barbaric than this? The girl is considered impure until the procedure is done and a big celebration follows when the procedure is done? Well congrats you are pure now, you don’t have any desire for sex now, let’s celebrate. 

It is said that 

Traditionally the procedure is carried out by older women in the family who may not have any medical training. Sometimes, (male) barbers, members of secret societies, herbalists or a female relative performs it.

They use special knives, scissors, scalpels, pieces of glass, razor blades, even fingernails โ€“ all non-sterile cutting devices โ€“ and generally no antiseptic or anesthetics are used.

Pieces of glass? What trectery is this? 

Then there’s different types of mutilation. Reading this part right, I didn’t have the stomach to eat food or sleep peacefully. And all this happens in this world, this world of technology and women empowerment. Yeah! Wow. Then I can only imagine what life of a woman would be when there was no “women rights and empowerment”.. … …

Listening and reading all this holy crap, I wish all the women in this world(I along ad reading such horrible things I don’t think I can even imagine life) should be shot in their head, for there is no law from governments or UN that would make these heinous crimes (I call them crimes and those hurt the innocent as criminals, no less than rapists/murderers) go away. 

I’d seen a movie sometime back, all the kids disappear from the face of earth one fine day, just like that, vanish in thin air.. I think that’s the best idea. If God hears to me, I would say please make the entire race of women and kids who go through torture in one form or the other disappear with a Swish of a wand. 

Sad.. No words beyond this.. 

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