Fighter or quitter?!?

Today I was wondering what sort of a person I am – Am i a fighter or a quitter? Why this question came into my head is because of something personal in my life that has happened – not related to me but related to the person known to me. She tried to take her life – for a reason major to her but seems minor to the rest of us around her. She is definitely a quitter I would say because so soon to give up on something/someone is very easy but fighting to stay on the course is actually difficult.

How many of us aren’t faced with such minor/major situations in life where we would just want to throw our hands up and say “That’s it, I quit this thing because of xyz reason” or “No i think ill do something else because this thing that i started didnt work or wont work for me” or “I’m too busy to even correct my mistakes and thus i cant do this anymore”… …. …

I would say I am probably one of them – in some cases. I’m half the fighter – I’m honest in admitting it. But there are people in this world(i know some of them personally) who wouldnt put up a fight as much as I do.

But, I’ve also known people who are pure strong fighters – my mom and dad, my husband – who would fight and ensure they get the outcome of that situation. Even my fur-baby beagle pup Pippa is a fighter.  “You just don’t quit in the middle of something” is what they would say. And now i know – after few incidents that I’ve seen – every situation deserves a good fight, only then the outcome(good or bad) will be satisfactory.

This post will be a reminder to me and to you in any situation you are in (good/bad/worse/worst), will just turn around and quit or fight to bring yourself to peace?!?

P.S: Please… when i say “fight”, I DO NOT mean to take baseball/cricket/hockey bat or a knife or a gun and then go on a rampage but fight within yourself to give a good ending to the situation you are in.

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