Hey you! Listen up… From me at 30 to You at 14

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From You to You.”

Hey you – pretty girl, listen up
You are young at heart body and mind
There’s the whole world out there
For you to explore
But please remember this advice
From me to you

More of dos and less of donts
I promise I’ll make it quick and short
For, i know you have no patience 🙂

This is me at 30
To you at 14

Love your life and love the others in your life
Respect yourself and respect the others in your life
Love and respect your time – precious time you have
to play, to read/Study, to learn new things everyday
and more importantly, Keep the hope alive

Sing more, laugh more, live more
for that’s going to stay with you
Be bold be nice
for you, indeed, have a good life
Dont spoil it by running behind the things
that dont deserve your time or your love
People and things will come and go
Cherish the ones that love you equally

Be strong be wise
For you are going to get hurt easily
by those who dont care a thing about you,

This is me at 30
To you at 14

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  1. Brilliant advice and beautifully said – couldn’t have written it better myself. Great job.


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