Hey you! What’s up…. From me at 30 to You at 50…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From You to You.”

… … …. Continuation to Part 1, this is me writing to myself at 14 years… Now Part 2, writing to myself at 50…. …. …

Hey you – pretty Lady, what’s up
You are young at heart body and mind,
No matter you reach half century this year..
You still have time in this world
For you to enjoy and be happy
First, Lets talk –
From me to you

More of questions than advices this time,
I’m sorry but that’s how its goind to be
For, i know you have built a lot of patience
To not get annoyed by me.. 🙂

This me at 30
To you at 50

Still alive right, better be 🙂
Healthy Wealthy annddd Wise?
Better be 🙂

Have you kept the love alive
between you and hubby?
Have you kept the hope alive
in your life and in others life
If not, then buck up lady,
do it right away…

Are you singing enough, laughing enough,
living your life to the fullest,
For that’s going to stay,
Till you die…
Are you nice to yourself and others
For you, indeed, have a good life

Have you achieved everything that you wanted to
Personally, professionally?
If not, its never too late,
Because world is dear to you, like always…

Have you groomed your son
To be a nice healthy independent good compassionate human being?
If not, what a shame I would say
You’ve lost the precious amount of time
But never late than never,
Atleast do it right away….

Do you have a dog like you always promised,
Have you forgotten, how you loved Pippa like your own baby..
If yes, then thank god for it, I’mg glad,
As you say, “Love is a four legged word”

Have you become strong, bold and wise
to fight the unnecessary people and things in your life,
Who dont love and respect you like you do?
If not, then its pretty late for that,
Go with the flow as nothing else
Can be done with you 🙂

Whatever it is now,
Love your life and love the others in your life,
Respect yourself and respect the others in your life,
Love and respect your time – precious time you have,
to read, to medidate, to learn new things everyday
and more importantly, Keep the hope alive

This is me at 30
To you at 50

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