Hooked to the smartphone

Today while commuting to office in the cab, I noticed a trend around – people have bent their head down and are seriously engrossed in the smart phones they have.

Young and old, people travelling in buses/cars, people on bikes who are standing in the traffic jam, people waiting for bus/cab/someone. Which means e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e including me(writing this blog) and my cab driver!!!

What has the world come to, no choice to unwind! We are commuting to office-we are hooked to smartphones, we are in office-we are hooked to smartphones, we are at home-we are hooked to smartphones, we are at vacation-we are hooked to smartphones. Maybe there isn’t one phase in life we aren’t hooked to smartphones?!??!???

We aren’t to be blamed right-because the technology gives so much to is, right at our finger tips, we need not ask anyone or talk to anyone.


That’s not how it is, we need to find a reason to look up (literally!) beyond the mobile phones to unwind, to enjoy every small thing the life throws at us!

As the days pass by we need to ensure we don’t degrade to become a “smartphone” but to become more human.

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