How to look pretty for pictures && Phobia Shmobia Daily Prompts

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Phobia, Shmobia.”

I’m camera shy. There! I told it now.


I love taking pictures – potraits, landscape and others, but when it comes for me to pose, i blank out, freeze, snap and then run in the opposite direction. sometimes my selfies with my baby or my puppy or my hubby looks like I’m forced to smile (toddler pictures of mine are a disaster, dont worry i wont post it here for you to laugh! baahh!)..


So, i was browsing through and saw this post by a model/blogger and her tips seems simple yet fun.
>> Know your angles – know when you look good at what angle. For me its left side and i realised it now, isnt it weird?
>> Correct your posture – meaning dont run at the other side
>> Relax – the best tip for me – as its seen obvious (i should show you the video in office was shot with me in it, it ruins anyone’s mood, sorry! :()
>> Look through the camera – i think i can do it, not tough.. right?! hope so, blaahhh!
>> Have fun! – hmmm should try this – along with “breathing” LOL.. 😛 😛

I think I’m gonna try the same next time. Are you like me? or Have any tips for me to improve for posing for photo, lemme know! <3


And updates on Phobias – I cant look at snakes, not even on TV, if anyone’s watching on NatGeo or Discovery, I turn and walk off.. Also I’m claustrophobic, if a lift stalls I freeze and start getting nauseatic..


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