I can’t stay Mad at you

In response to daily Prompt – I can’t stay Mad at you

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

I can’t stay mad at you
For long
Yet, I can’t help it sometimes
I get mad at you
For some reasons you know it is true

I know everything
You do
I know everything
That you are

I know what’s going
On with you
From the inside
As well as the outside

I am mad at you
For the decisions
You have taken
And you still take

You don’t learn
From the past experiences
Still make the same
Mistakes over and over again

I know you can’t
Go back and change
Nor can you change
Future things

But some you can
Don’t know how
You will

Thinking about this
I still get mad at you
At the same time
I can’t stay mad at you

Because you
Are me
And I am you
One from
The inside
And the other
From the outside

“I can’t stay
Mad at you”
Is what
I keep telling
Looking at the mirror
Every single day

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  1. Being able to look oneself in the mirror… the most important!

  2. Change happens in people when and only when you are prepared to do it. Until you are it is important like in this post to not withhold love or kindness in others for for faults you see within yourself.


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