Insensible Ads

So when I switch on television, I do it with the intention of getting entertained, but not get irritated. But ultimately I end up getting irritated, because  obviously one would get irritated with an IDIOT BOX…! Whatttaaa IDIOT !!!!!!!

What makes me an idiot watching this idiot box?!?!????

Dumb-insensible Advertisements(Ads)…..

For instance, Bollywood’s heart-throb, questions you whether you’d this choco-biscuits? And before you could even react – W-H-H-A-T? he would start dancing for some lame tune saying that i should try it…!!? OKAY…. Like i would ! huh?!

Then there is this king of Bollywood – comes for this paints-ad where he tries to convince you real hard but unfortunately it doesn’t impress at all. I would get my home painted from that paint company but i wouldn’t want Mr. King to convince me too hard. 🙂

Those products that i used to like once upon a time but unfortunately the ads have spoilt it all by asking film stars to endorse them.

Then there is this one ad where one famous Bollywood actress, keeps waiting for her man over a candle light dinner and he turns up late. So she looks into her watch (chrono) and then her eyes turn like that of a cat – chrono watches ad…! Uffff!!! Sick !

Why don’t people who endorse products see what kind of ads they are doing and why can’t the producers/directors take a minute of their time and do something creative rather than doing something for the heck of it…!

There are really some neat ads that makes an imprint on you, I don’t deny it all.. Yet most of them are insensible – which convey nothing nor try to sell the product.

Having some big shot actor or actress wont make the product sell, I don’t know when people will realise that !

Till then we will be seeing a lot of INSENSIBLE ads on our idiot box..

Jaago Grahak Jaago…!!!!!! 🙂


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