Advice that I got + Weekend movie plan + Recommendation on Good writing and deals

Some Gyan/advice that I got recently…

We people from India are made to believe in re-birth. Meaning, if we do a bad gyanthing, we will be made to suffer in the next birth and if we do a good thing, then we will enjoy… Now, I’ve been told that when babies are born, it is said that the generation that is gone has been reborn – meaning a great grandfather or a great grandmother is reborn in the household. I’m not making fun of the fact here, let me put a disclaimer in the beginning itself… Since my son troubles me so much and makes me “serve” him every now and then, I’ve been told that previously if I hadn’t got a chance to serve my grandparents(both maternal and paternal are long dead) or my husband’s side, I’m serving them via my son… Hmmm… How did I get this advice, I strongly feel, it is given to make me take back control of my anger and short temper when my son pushes me too hard… Hmm Soooo breaaathhhee in and breatttthhhe out and relllaaaxxxxx….. Just a phase of life and I tell myself…

Good recommendations for today(exclusive deals)

Reading this book – Yes Please by Amy Poehler and I’m loving it already…. Here’s you can a good deal of the book from Amazon exclusive or Kindle ebook from hereYes please

Excited to see Kindly Paperwhite is having an exclusive offer and with 18% discount… Check it out here(psst! I’m planning to buy one soon.. :))


Good Writing Skills

Have you thought that good writing is a natural gift? Yes? Maybe? No? Sometimes itdavidogilvy is and sometimes it is not. Recently read an article where it says Good writing is NOT a natural gift, You will have to learn to write well. The entire article can be read here by iconic businessman and original “Mad Man” David Ogilvy (June 23, 1911–July 21, 1999)., but the summary of it says do write in plain simple English(or any other language), keep the context simple and not confusing and the best of all “If you want ACTION, don’t write. Go and tell the guy what you want.”

Movie that I am going to watch over the weekend

Well, we are planning to go to movie Independence Day – 2 Resurgence. I think (hope!!) indit is as good as the first one, for I can watch Part – 1 even now. Loved (or to say still Love ;-)) Will Smith… I know he has chosen not to be in this second part… You can buy this movie here at Amazon Exclusive(with 15% discount) if you are too lazy to step out of the house or rent it…

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