Few interesting thoughts on my mind on this day(TED, International Yoga and etc.)

There are a couple of thoughts on my mind today… Funny; irritating and rest other categories you can choose.. 🙂

  • First off, have you had a friend or yourself shave your head? And have you had an uncHomerontrollable urge to swipe your hand on your friend’s shaven head or someone you know had this urge, hard to control and yet embarrassing yourself as well as others beside you? Well, I saw such a scene while returning back from office cafeteria where this woman who had shaven her head and one of her friend(all jumpy and excited! god knows for what), swipes her hand over the head and the sheer embarrassment and irritation this woman had just made me think – why the hell people do such things, how would her friend feel if someone did the same to her.. Tch.. Tch.. Tch.. 🙂


  • How could one doze off in an autorickshaw(Ditches in the roads are famous an
    dreamstime auto

    source: dreamstime.com

    d more famous are the Bengaluru’s Autorickshaws, for they really know how to NOT avoid them and ride happily – so read as merry bumpy rides all along your journey) at 10:30 AM and then have a bad neck ache all day long?!? That’s me for you… LOL



  • Coolest thing(at least to think): What if the coolest thing about a 21st-centuryold schoolschool wasn’t technology? A new TED article made me think what if? It is not new because I’ve done my schooling(school, UG, and PG) in “old-school” style; take notes by hand, not have technology interfere. But that’s not the case now-a-days. You would need “e-” everything… Just thinking about my son, how cool it would be for him to learn “old-school” (he’s 1.5yo, he already demands laptop/iPad/mobile phone already!)


  • Someone shows off so much about fashion; how much she loves Steve Madden or
    source becomegorgeous.com

    source: becomegorgeous.com

    Louis Vuitton(literally pronounced) and then smiling sheepily saying she got a good deal of them(4 pairs with 4-5in heels that she never wore)… Hmmm! Hats off, gurl!





  • International Yoga Day – Got a nice message early morning(5:30AM) from a nearby ground – “Breathe in, breathe out, relllaaaxxxxxxxxx…… ”



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