is it me or can anyone see or feel this thing

Sometimes is it me or can anyone see or feel this thing – I don’t know how to describe this thing.. I’ll try to explain..
This is the thing the feeling you get when you see an underprivileged kid eagerly waiting to get that biscuit from your hand, once you offer, he can’t help but snatch and put in his mouth..
It is this feeling when you see a dog or an animal being ill-treated and kicked or a dog which is skinny and bones to be seen..
It’s the feeling you get when you see an old person begging for alms on streets.. It’s this feeling when you see a dying tree..
If anyone does see this, then the next question arises – why doesn’t anyone do anything about improving the lives of others.
One may question why don’t I do anything. I do my bit as much as possible, I’ve done previously as well.. But at this phase of life I can’t do much.. But I surely will.. And hope others do as well.. In my city, there’s so much of change that I’m actually proud of.. There’s a group called as Bombat dawgz which has a like minded people taking care of street dogs and pets.. There’s few other NGOs that do a bit for improving other aspects of life.. I was part of one of that NGO that looked and cared at underprivileged kids..
One has to give back to the society you live in.. Only then the life of us and around us will change ..

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  1. I love that there’s the Bombat Dawgzz. I think that is so wonderful they care for those animals.


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