It’s all in the game!

This is the season of elections and that’s what I think I’ll tell anyone who asks me.

Every where and everyone is just talking about elections, choosing the right candidate blah blah blah – for it sounds to me not more than blah! One of the famous construction company had to put up a hording called as “You vote, you decide”.. Hmmmphh!

In this election, there is a twist. Call it an “educated” twist. Previously we have seen members of parliament used to have criminal records as a qualification who could go to any extent to skim off your votes. Now the scene has improvised – we have the educated folks trying to skim off the votes. No less than the prestigious IITs, IIMs.

I’ve had arguments on FB page with my good friends on the “educated politician being more ruthless, selfish and manipulative than the uneducated ones” and sorry to say I do not change my opinion on that.

Why is that I have to vote only to see later what that party does? Every time it is the same. Someone says women empowerment, others say let there be a change.

No better roads, no curb in population, no security for women, no mandatory education for children, no infrastructure. All we do is vote and give more tax to see nothing.

Let’s see the positive side now as there is so much buzz around elections this time, for its a good thing. People are getting aware that corruption and bad politics will not work any more! I think now it is slowly turning into a REAL democracy where people have the rights to choose the candidate. Just that people have to be smart to choose and we should have such candidates where we spend time to understand what they have done and what else can they do next. Just like recruitment in corporate sector.

Will it be done in India?(atleast eventually?!) or it’ll just be one of the “wishlist” is what I need to wait and watch… … … …

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