Kindness still exists

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pay It Forward.”

I’d booked a auto rickshaw one evening from office back home. I’ve never had a good opinion on them because they literally loot money from the commuters. It’s like we are at their mercy. And sometimes it’s not wise to fight or argue with them due to safety issues specially for a woman travelling alone in the night. 

So this driver, in his 50s seemed grim at all times. That’s okay I thought, I hate those who try to pick a conversation unnecessarily. At least this guy left me lost in my thoughts. 

Thankfully I reached home safe and after an hour or so I get a call from this driver. To my surprise he tells me that I’d left an umbrella in his rickshaw and he would come the next day to return it. I thought in this world who come and return an umbrella! Come on and it’s ridiculous that being a rickshaw driver who would come to my house leaving all his work! I’d least expectations from this.

The next morning I was too busy with morning routine and suddenly I get a call from this guy. To my surprise he was standing at my house gate and he returned my umbrella. Can you believe it? He didn’t ask or take any token of appreciation. He came all the way here to give AN UMBRELLA ???!!!!! 

This incident showed me that there’s some kindness left in here, some selflessness, something that one can hope for.. Hmm..


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  1. True, you can even kill with kindness, hahaha, kidding aside, kindness still exist because it starts by ourselves ☺️☺️☺️


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