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KungFu Panda 3 review at World of Moms –


“Everybody’s Kung fu fighting,
your mind becomes fast as lightning”

This is the latest animated movie, directed by Alessandro Carloni and Jennifer Yuh Nelson in the series of Kung Fu Panda. Visually stunning, best watched in 3D. Part 1 was the best, part 2 was better, and part 3 is good, like all the other movies that are in series. Not very impressive from the story standpoint, could have been better. But grahics, colors and animation is amazing. Lots of action(literal sense of movements). Very nicely done. I’m sure, kids love such things, captivating from the beginning till the end.

Couple of things can be taken out of this as a lesson for kids as well as adults –

– Shows family (and friends) teaches you many things and you teach many things to family. Family

Source: wiki

Source: wiki

comes first, love them respect them.

– Master Shifu retires handing over the trainings to Po and Po fails miserably.This teaches kids that failing is ok and the main thing is to get back up right away without feeling disappointed/depressed (with the help of family and friends) and you can hone your strengths if you believe in yourself.

– Everyone is unique and has a strength of our own, we need to learn to tap it and master it to be successful in life

Movie with Visual effects that’s packed with martial arts, entertains kids as well as adults (only to those who love animated movies)..

The best part of the movie is I watched with my 1.3 year old son and he can recognize what a panda is on his board book.. 🙂 Yay!!!
Mission accomplished.

One time watch, will give it 3.5 * / 5..

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