Late Auto rickshaw ride

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Ah this work at office never ends, actually it ended late for me today. That’s  7:30pm alright.

I’d been trying to book an auto rickshaw for nearly half hour and at last I received the contact details of one driver. Phew!

I called the driver saying I’ll be at the main gate in 10mins.

Once I boarded the auto rickshaw, I was lost in my world of what to do the moment I reach back home, how badly I missed my baby boy and how like a monkey he would cling to me for the rest of the night etc etc.

And then suddenly I could feel something on my back, something claw-y. I panicked(didn’t scream or anything) – read it as froze – froze instantly.

The news of a boy (with a knife) in the luggage carrier of the auto rickshaw which a girl boarded one evening flashed to my mind. I panicked even more thinking I’m dead, i won’t be seeing my baby my puppy or my family or am I going to be alive or am I going to be mugged.

I prayed for my dear life and prayed that I come out of this situation well, prayed that I get enough courage to fight back in case of need.

All these things ran in my mind in just 5mins.

Then I made up my mind, i mustered all the courage to look back and fight. I didn’t know was this decision a stupid one or a brave one.

The moment I turned back and what I saw … ??!??

You will not believe what I saw

I saw an umbrella popping out of the luggage compartment.

Phew! So much for the praying huh!

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  1. Oh, you have to be very careful. Some of those umbrellas are highly dangerous. 😀

    Liked your story.


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