New entry to the house

Yesterday when I came back to my mother’s house, tired from an outing, my mom gave a nice surprise.

She said while she had gone to pluck the jasmine flowers from the plant, she noticed a stray cat and her new born kittens.

Ah, there were no bounds to my excitement as I’ve become more of an animal lover after we got Pippa.. So hurriedly I went to the balcony and saw the cutest thing I have seen – a white cat sleeping cozily with her new born kittens – these kittens are so small, their eyes and flaws haven’t opened up yet!! Adorable fur balls is all I could see..

The cat looked weak and badly hungry, the moment I gave her some milk, she sprang to the bowl drinking it entirely! How satisfied I was!

The same repeated today morning as well. While I was returning back home from I ensured I get a carton box and one piece of cotton cloth so that I make a temporary home for the cat and her kittens. My husband helped in moving the kittens into this box and surprisingly she didn’t budge or get annoyed.

She sure looked satisfied and she did thank me by rubbing herself to my legs several times! I was more satisfied and happy!!

No matter what, I could see (for the second time after Pippa) that animals show their thanks and love more than any human could possibly try to do!

And I named her Mimmu and hope she remembers us and returns back once in a while back to us!



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