I would like to start my blog with this picture. This is a picture of a pay-phone that I found right outside sub-registrar’s office here in Bangalore.

So seeing this pay-phone, it just took me nearly 15-18 years ago where we used to rely on to reach out to someone urgent. It was the time of no-cellphone/smart phone whatsoever that can keep you in touch with technology 24/7..

It happened to me this one time when I had forgotten my mobile phone at home and I had to call my husband from one of these pay phones. Normally I am a soft spoken person who believes in maintaining a decorum while talking on the phone.. But the day I called my husband, I was nearly shouting at the top of my voice thinking the other person won’t be able to hear me. Duh! Right! But all in all it was a good experience where I realised the importance of less spoken words in a time frame.

So, Once in a while we need to keep our mobile phones back home and appreciate the humble pay phone! ☺️☺️

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