Ouch!! This hurts

I felt this while reading today’s newspaper.. Cost of Rice in Karnataka for people in “below poverty line” sect has been reduced from INR 3.00 per kilo to INR 1.00 per kilo. This scheme will cost the state exchequer a lot of money – really a lot!!

Imagine this, I – general category – struggled my hard to get an engineering seat, then went on with the struggle to find an MS seat. My struggle doesn’t end there – I had to find a job to close my education loan. I need to run my home everyday with only INR X amount of money. I pay heavy taxes and what does the people i elect do – reduce the price of rice (each bowl of rice i cherish a lot btw) from 3 INR to 1 INR. So a person who claims to be in a “B-P-L” can buy 30Kilos of rice for just 30 INR. But for me, i do not get not even a meal for 30 INR (btw, 45 INR i have to spend in my office for a lunch)..

This seriously is a “ouch, this hurts” situation for me and for all others who are “educated/middle class/tax payer folks” in Karnataka (mostly India).

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