Rainy Days …. …..

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singin’ in the Rain.”

Ah! Rainy days! It’s a love-hate kind of a feeling one has with rains if you are residing in Bangalore. I’d this prompt sitting in my note for some time now. Why how come, you ask? Because one needs to have a good feeling about rains (and the mood has to set in J specifically) to write about it J I don’t know how many of you agree to this but that’s how I feel. And the crazy traffic that these rains bring about, drives me even more crazy!

rainy days

And lucky (for me) it is the day that I feel extremely good about the rains. And ta-da! Today is such a beautiful day with a perfect weather. Crazy kind of person I am – maybe – but I can’t switch between moods in a day. I’m particularly a sun-person. Love it when there’s sunshine – spring kind of weather keeps in a good mood.

But Bangalore is such where morning will be spring-y and then by mid afternoon, it would be like summer (hot like crazy some days) and by early evening it would start to pour (pour like crazy I would say). This switch between weathers in a day nearly drives me crazy!

But today is not that day 🙂 … It’s been cloudy since morning with no sunshine and started to drizzle by mid afternoon. Perfect rainy day!!

rainy days1

What would I do on such perfect rainy day? Ah ha!!

Hot Chai + my beagle pup Pippa as a warm pillow + baby boy playing with his toys and smiling + Mr. Hubby watching one crazy Chinese movie(he loves Chinese movies I don’t know why) + some (cooked+salty+spicy) groundnuts on the table to munch on!!… 🙂 🙂 🙂






Except, right now, I’m  just doing away with a hot cuppa coffee(from dear ol’ vending machine) in front of the laptop at office… *don’t laugh, please, i do not regret this either, as good ol’ vending machine brews some awesome coffee 🙂

Question: do weathers in a day drive you crazy like it does to me? Lemme know!! Read you soon…


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