Say thank you to free advise 

This happens anywhere in the world right no matter where you are you as a woman has to face this.There’s ABSOLUTELY no dearth of free advice given to a woman, no matter how old you are, at what level you are working or you are a stay at home mom. Stay at home moms are the worst I feel because it’s being MADE as of the top thankless job on earth.

Now I’m talking about a particular advice that comes from a man and on this good old earth it’s called as MANSPLAIN. 

Here’s how wiki describes it and it describes it well. 

 Just experienced something “funny” and I could see how well he was “advising” her – how she should be as a wife and a mother – how “more” relentlessly she needs to change herself for betterment of the family – how she has to be on time to office and back home (in spite of doing all the major house work).. This and that.. How nice was that conversation to hear that was so loud I think the whole bus could hear. She looked pretty in her business formals – I’m sure she holds a good position in the organisation and he took looked so well educated with a handsome salary. 

But there he was mansplaining to her. 

The best part of the conversation was this –

She: ah so much you talk, why don’t you get up and help for somethings so that I can improvise things

He: oh I need to rest right, I’ve to go to office.. 

That just made me stop hear their conversation and put on my iPod to listen to music.. I could see they went on to have the conversation, maybe blame game had just started. Lol. 

This mansplaining thing not only applies to women but I’ve seen men too get the free advice. So it’s basically the “intellectual superior man” advising the “not-so-intellectual human being(specially a woman and sometimes a man).. 

I have two words for such a thing and it’s called 

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