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It just seems like yesterday that I held my new born..

The previous day I’d been to the regular checkup and my OBN told me to get prepared for the delivery as I was past 38w 5days and it was good time. I sure was scared like hell. One minute, I am striding slowly in the hospital and the next minute I was being told to fix a date(within next 4days) to plan for my delivery.

I kept my hands on my over-sized belly and asked my li’l one – “are you ready sweetie, to be in my arms, I’m so waiting to hold you and kiss you”..

Like I have always believed, the faster you face the situation, the faster you can get rid of it as well as the fear associated with it. So, instantly I made my mind, that I will deliver the next day – the 18th. Phew! I heaved a big sigh and we went back home to consult parents and prepare for the next day.

So, 18th at last came, and I was admitted to the hospital at 6:00AM. And by 11:30AM, my baby boy was born naturally(psst! Don’t ask me how the delivery was, I still cant overcome “that” feeling! LOL)…

The nurses cleaned him up and put him his first clothes, wrapped his head and then got him over to me to hold him. That very moment froze. I didn’t see or hear anything apart from he looking deep into my eyes and my eyes filled with tears. His skin touching mine and his breath on mine. Being a mom, I think each one of us will have our unique experience with our baby and trust me, nothing in this world can beat that feeling. I’d previously read posts by other women that it will be like “falling in love, all over again” and I don’t deny one bit of it.

From that moment on, I just cherish each time I hold him close to my heart. And unbelievable is the time that flew past us so fast, he is already one year old. Recently celebrated his first birthday.

Seems like yesterday that I held my new born. Magical. And it seems like forever. 🙂

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<update>06/01/2016 i wrote this piece for a website and i was named a winner in that contest.. Yayyyy!! 🙂 🙂


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