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This is one of the article that I read today and the author cites 6 points.. I would like to add to this list from her.. Having a baby is one transformation one woman goes through that will change her entirely as a person. Now there, you don’t have to be scared. It’s a good thing but sorry to say it is something that no matter how much you try to learn from other’s experiences, what ever experiences you have will be unique – it will be meant for you alone.. Maybe you will see some similarities but the experience is unique.

As this author describes, no one will exactly tell you what it is to be a mother, what you will have to do, what you will NEED to do… I too checked many apps, google and bugged many new mothers as well as my mother.. But in then end these all are 10% of the training and other 90% is “on-the-job” experience 

So here’s the list.. (after 6th point, all are my experiences)

1. You will still look pregnant after you have your baby. >> definitely, no doubt.. not till 6 months, apparently, I’d read in one of the article that female body goes through a lot of transformation while pregnant, so for it come back to normal stage, itll 1.5years after delivery. But slowly, one needs to exercise without straining to regain back to normal.
2. Use your maternity leave to work on you. >> hm yeah, how to build patience and how to be quick in everything that you do.. Prepare yourself for “Multitasking” throughout the day..
3. You will feel completely lost that first night you bring your baby home — and scared, too. Don’t worry. This is normal. >> yeah, I agree… I didn’t actually believe I have a son now, the first night was sort of a night that I wont forget.. I had a normal delivery and had been very very tired.. But it’s the first day for my baby boy with us on this dear earth.. he didn’t know what to do, but kept crying the whole night.. My husband held him and walked up and down the hospital room, rocked him to sleep the entire night and I tried to catch some sleep.. Early morning the next day, I took over and he fell right asleep in my arms.. that’s the first night with my baby.. The first time we got him home, thankfully, I had lots of help around, my mom was at my call – at my baby’s call..
4. Feeling down? Don’t be afraid to accept help. >> definitely… you are the new mom, everyone will help you.. you just need to say “please, help”…
5. Make time to love, appreciate and hug your partner. >> your partner is definitely going through a lot of thing as well.. just say thank you when possible and they will understand..
6. Every single “first” will make you feel like a million bucks. >> every. Single. Thing. Will make you feel doubt.. first smiles or smiles that you get once you reach home from long day work, first hugs or hugs that the baby wants every time he/she feels like.. all the firsts and all the things that go on as a routine.. I never thought I would even enjoy my baby’s cries sometimes, he is cute when he does, when he whines and when he puts up a big fuss.. my husband and I have a hearty laugh..
7. You will feel overwhelmed at time(most of the times) and it is normal.. read it is again, it is normal.. don’t worry, itll pass… specially if you catch some sleep after few months in motherhood, you will get back to your normal self..
8. You will get a lot of advices from everyone around you – and all you need to do is smile and say yeah I think ill consider.. there’s no point you get angry, irritated, pissed, annoyed, you will still get the advices.. instead, ignore and move on.. 
9. Whatever you do – you are the best judge for your baby(until unless you are not doing anything bad), you don’t have to answer to anyone why you are doing this..
10. No time for yourself but do take time out.. for a drink with your friends, with your partner, shopping.. because these things will take your mind off and relax.. 🙂 trust me, for girls, shopping relaxes.. 🙂 🙂
11. Your partner/husband will sleep(read as snore) happily while you struggle to care for your LO, that is normal too… and do. Not. Lose. Your. Patience. 🙂 🙂 🙂 hard to stay calm but there’s no way out.. LOL
12. First couple of months, I was so overwhelmed and so out of place.. LO is used to cry and fuss.. Then I told myself to accept this as the fact and babies will cry and fuss. I accepted the reality and that made me calm and enjoy even the smallest of small things..
13. EBF is going to be hard first few days, first few months.. every new mom goes through this, you are not alone, is what I told myself and it helped.

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