So here I am, this is me, after a reaaalllllyyy long time back to writing… Had this insurgent feeling of writing, taking things out of my head..

Maybe i came across a ludicrous thoughts as a blog, that i couldn’t take it, that too in such public domain.. So i thought when a foolish thought can be put into a blog, why can’t I (always who speaks my mind and never regrets it) should start with my writing. Maybe i would get something really ridiculous to talk about (but in near future, please expect couple of (read as GOOD) travelogues from me – which shameless-ly i have kept as a draft all these while)..

Until then, so long folks and see you soon… And thanks a tonne to the blog who inspired me to write back again… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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IT consultant by profession, writer/blogger by passion. I love photography. I write about general affairs in day to day life spanning across inspirational thoughts/quotes, women/child/animal rights, photography, DIYs, book reviews to name a few. Follow me - Twitter: @sunayana18 Facebook: Polka Cafe (freelance writer): MyTrendingStories(freelance/contributor):

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