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I’m honest in telling you, I signed up for Writing 101 but due to unexpected schedule in life, I haven’t had a chance to write about each day. So while going through my emails, I saw Day 16 challenge – Mine your own material and when i saw my draft section in WP, I’d  so many of them half written. So here’s the one that I’d been wanting to complete for a long time.


I was seeing a movie (read it as “I was forced into it”) in my local language. Such movies really makes me think how much ass of a woman is made.

I’ll show you a perspective –

In the movies, a lady-priest  narrates to the newly separated woman about a woman saint and how she got this respect. The story goes on like this – there will be a sage  long ago, let’s name him (guru) and he will be married to a particularly beautifully looking wife and would have 5sons. This wife will be a devoted wife to et husband and be a servant of her husband. One day she watches her husband take bath in the nearby pond. After few scenes in the movie, the guru is seen coursing(literally!) his wife that her beauty will turn into ugliness. And instantly she turns ugly. And now you (and I did too) wonder what just happened? And apparently she gets the curse of her life because after she saw her husband take the shower in the pond she had a sexual desire.

She was cursed to having “bad” feelings and she corrupted the purity of the guru. (Yeah like it was huh, when they gave birth to 5sons, I wondered).

Now, apparently, her curse would be lifted only when she, with full devotion, drinks waters fret her husband’s feet are washed.

After so many begs and pleads, other gurus in the ashram give her this water(she goes thru near death experience)..

She eventually gets cured and returns to her husband thinking she will be welcomed to full praises but she returns to her over furious husband. This gri tells her that without any shame she returns back to him and he orders any of their 4 sons to be head her. These 4 sons are mommy boys and they are turned into ashes when they deny direct orders from their father.

The fifth son who is daddy’s boy, agrees to behead his mother on just one command of his father.

Once he finishes this “job”, his dad grants him 3 wishes to being a good son. In that he teaches his dad what he did was wrong and to bring back everyone to life.

Now back to present age story in this film, the lady priest tells this story to the newly separated wife to worship such a saint(wife of the guru) and she will grant wishes to get back to her husband (where the complete fault lies in the husband who would have throw the wife out)..

Then the story goes somewhere where I decided to stop paying attention but this much of 30 mins scene in the movie made me think women are made “butt” of all jokes and that too for what?? For having feelings….

And such regional movies are made and people like my ex-nanny (who of all is just 22 years old, village girl), gets influenced and thinks having feelings(physical or emotional) would end up getting “punished”.

Isn’t this insane? Not fair, I would say.

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