Sponsor a pup for a day for 3 months

****charity appeal****

Sponsor a pup a day for the next 3 months –
There are a few selfless people on this dear earth, who will go beyond their control to help the helpless. One of such person is Jen Lopez who never sleeps(I think, because she works for an MNC, takes care of 2 houseful of dogs and let me tell you it is no joke to do so).

But these selfless human beings/heroes do need help from time to time and that’s when we mortals have to pitch in.

So here’s a proposal to y’all.

Can you sponsor a dog a day for the next 3 months? You’ll get all the details of how and when and why.

How much you need to contribute –
Rs. 1000/15$/12£

Where do you need to transfer –
Jenny Joseph Leon
Kasturba Branch
Bangalore -1
A/C Number: ‪00091610065341‬
IFSC: HDFC0000009
E-Mail :jenyjleon@gmail.com
PayTM: ‪7795700017‬

What will be covered –
Dog, Cat and DonkeyFood, Vet Bills for treatments, surgeries, vaccinations and blood checks

What else – you can visit your sponsored dog, be with him/her and get unconditioned love for a day(totally worth it, trust me), bring along few newspapers or old blankets or bedsheets that you plan to throw as well..

I will be coordinating with Jen for you at all times.

Spare a thought, spare a day and spare your heart for a day for the human’s best friend.

Pm me or leave a comment in case you would like to contribute.

Thanks soooo much,


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