The “real” outsiders

In Response to the Outsiders

Tell us about the experience of being outside, looking in — however you’d like to interpret that.

We, girls are outsiders. No matter which country we’re from, we are outsiders.

I do not know about other countries but here in India, the moment the girl is born in the house, she is labeled as an outsider – no matter how rich the household is – she has to go out of the house one day, married and gone.

Then, the day comes when she gets married – love or “arranged”. Her label of an outsider becomes formal title now. She enters the “new” house – house of her in laws and her husband – every moment her life till her death, she is being told that she is an outsider. Not directly though. She is “indirectly” not entitled to have a say in almost everything, yet she is a homemaker where she has to do household chores because she is part of the house. She is an outsider in her mom’s house(time and again she is being told that – kotta hennu kullakke horage – which means girl once given away has gone “out” of the parents’ community).

So, from the day she’s born till the day she dies, she is labeled as an outsider.

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