Thoughts for today: Essentialism + TED Summit + Minimalistic Living and more

  • Essentialism: The discipline of Pursuit of Less: 

    Being an essentialist or a non-essentialist is a skill that needs to be learnt time and again. Reading a bookessentialism  “Essentialism: The discipline of Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown, that makes me think as how we are “programmed” to impress everyone by saying yes and taking everything on our heads. This applies, especially for Indians where we are literally programmed to make others happy; listen to their unmeaningful advice of our lives because we let others prioritize our lives. We have to learn to say NO to the things that truly don’t matter to us in terms of improving our lives(professionally or emotionally). Most of the time, I’ve a to-do list that makes me think, okay by the end of the day I have to atleast cross of the important ones as done. While reading this book, I’m realizing that there’re are 2 things that I am doing wrong here.

    • “I have to”
    • Filling my to-do list of all the essential and non-essentials that take my time

In order to achieve more, I’m learning to –

  • to say “I choose to” often
  • balance my to-do list where my energy, my thoughts and all matters the most

A non-essential thinks everything is essential
An essential thinks everything is non-essential

  • Reading excerpts from TED summit, there was one thing that was particularly eye catchy – NATURE.

Topic: Are we stealing nature from our kids? Apparently, yes. kids and natureOf course we are. We are cutting trees, building concrete jungle faster than anything. And we do not give an opportunity for our kids to play in the grass or mud for we fear of something may effect them. But if you look back, that’s not how we’ve grown right. We loved to enjoy the nature, touch and play. Environmental writer Emma Marris suggests

Take kids to builds forts outside, to experience the natural world not just with their eyes, but their hands and entire beings. “We have to let children touch nature,” says Marris. “Because that which is untouched is unloved.”


  • Minimalist is a fad but essential for now:

Today while traveling to the office, I saw a cobbler, sitting on a pavement mending cobblershoes.I was thinking, in this world of never decreasing price hikes and maintenance, Minimalist-Surreal-Photography-4the more we have, we tend to behave it is too less to survive, how do people like him survive? To live “happily” with what we have and be content is one thing we need to also learn. Maybe being a minimalist is a fad, but it is actually an essence of living well.


  • Beautiful weather in Bangalore today:

Cloudy with drizzle(sometimes heavy rains) and a peek-a-boo of the sun intermittently is definitely a beautiful day for me… 🙂 And I’m enjoying this day with a hot cup of green tea… 🙂


  • “Choose” to keep our health in good condition: 

How health is more important in life we (at least for me) realise when someone near falls ill. helathThis happened to me as an eye opener when my colleague’s mother is admitted to the hospital for high BP. That’s when
I had to sit and think(and secretly thanking God to have kept my family and my health in good scale), how much we crib that we do not have this thing, that thing and crib about small irrelevant parts of life, what we have is good health. If health is good, anything and everything can be achieved in this world. In today’s world, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or you don’t have or what all you have achieved, but if you don’t have the right health then nothing else matters. I was reading this book by Jojo Moyes – Me before you, in which an extreme-sports person turns into a quadriplegic and his life just gets confined into 4 walls of the house. How sad isn’t it? How difficult is to cope with such situations. Definitely, then it is our own self-will and love of family help to recover. Thus, we need to “choose” to keep our health in good condition for to do more and achieve more.

  • Joys of Motherhood:

Being a mother can make you do crazy things. I wouldn’t have imagined that it pinterest joys of motherhoodwould give me, as a mother, such such satisfaction from small things. For example, laying down awake next to a snoring baby and smelling his hair or skin; when he clings to you as you are the first and last person he wants to be with; a twinkle in his eyes when he brings a small twig from the garden and that twig is JUST for you… Awww joys of motherhood right?

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