Thoughts for today: Inspiration on Writing + Discover Challenge + Deals and more

Inspiration on Writing:

Often we writers have a “writers’ block”. That writers’ block turns into lethargy. At least for me, it happened recently when I couldn’t express my words. And that in turned into procrastination, lethargy saying I will do something about it tomorrow. Then I started feeling something missing in me(because what you make it as a habit, after you leave it, you will start miss doing it..)… I bought a book by Jeff Goins “You are a Writer” and instantly I knew I had to somehow start writing(again!). And I get inspirational words from Zen Habits. Reading this article Tips on writing; couple of things stuck with me –

  • One needs to write everyday. Yes, I know it is difficult, but write something, some thought that you have, that will make you feel light.
  • Read a lot – this will definitely will help in writing a lot as you will have something to say about something. Plus, you will feel free in your mind.
  • Anyone can write, and everyone should – Cool thought right?! This is one inspiration that most writers-in-the-make need.

For more, please read this article and strive to write 100-200 words daily. It does help! Trust me!! 🙂


This week’s challenge is to publish a post — any kind of post, be it fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, illustration, video, or anything else — inspired by this line:

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.

So, I’ve written a short story here. Read on and let me know what you think…


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Until then

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