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Helloooo Beautiful Peeps…
So Monday is here again, like always after a nice weekend.. O my weekend was partly good with friends coming over -music food and drinks up until 4am on Sunday… And Sunday was at a relative’s house dressing up my baby like Lord Krishna(the first pic is a googled one, second one is my son).. It’s just a costume if you ask why, you dress up your kids in different costumes right.. It’s a fun activity for the weekend.. 
 So after a nice weekend and particularly nice weather I didn’t feel too hippy hoppy about Monday.. lol

 I’m particularly interested in music  this morning – to beat the Monday blues and the killings of Bangalore traffic..

So it’s Lynyrd Skynyrd for me.. I’ve been listening to some of their greatest hits and one specifically “Free Bird”… … 

What’s your music genre/choice today, that’ll make you come out of weekend and jump right out into the week? 

Lemme know leave a comment I’ll listen to the song you recommend to wake up from weekend 

Cheers, Su


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  1. ahw such a sweetie!!

  2. Today was kick started for me by listening to Uriah Heep playing Easy Livin’ then Bally Sagoo playing Choli Ke Peeche…


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