Winning Aspirations


Winning Aspirations  

1. News flash – 13 year old student kills herself due to exam pressure…

     What do you do after reading this? a.    Just read the article and push it aside thinking this is a normal issue and nothing can be done. b.    Feel shocked and do nothing about it thinking why this happens to the kids and think to yourself the parents should be a moral support – only think? c.    Get up and do something about it?  

2. You see kids in the streets begging or rag-picking or even doing small tiny jobs, instead of being in schools?

What do you do after seeing this? a.    Ignore the scene. b.    Crib that India is like this itself and no one can do anything about it. Curse the parents who send their kids to do such things. Blah blah blah… c.    Go to a school/voluntary development organization where you could do some voluntary work? I will be frank to you, few years back I was all B’s, thinking – cribbing – feeling sad and blah blah blah.

Then a year back I did a volunteering for an event for spastics society and trust me I felt good. Good as in really good – the best feeling one can ever get. But tell me are you still B’s in the above questions? Then I would ask you something – imagine someone whom you know going through the same situation that I described here. Would you sit and think and crib? Now think. 

On a lazy Sunday summer morning, I enter a park in Koramangala, Bangalore with a good friend of mine. I saw four youngsters – all in their twenties chatting and smiling and discussing about something. I get introduced to them and that’s where it all began. 

Yesterday, 9th March 2008, is an eventful day to me – I joined a voluntary group called as Winning Aspirations.  

We crib we fuss we wine around that the society is not doing anything; we curse the politicians, financial institutions for not doing much to the society.  

Why don’t we get up and do something about it ourselves than totally depending on someone for it? That’s what Winning Aspirations is all about.

Who we are? We are a bunch of crazy – 20’s odd some things – belong to software engineer community – different from the normal set of youths – dying to make a difference in society – touching the people’s lives – we are the Winning Aspirations…! 

What do we do? JOINING HANDS, TOUCHING LIVES AND SPREADING THE SMILE. We are associated to two institutions – Makkala Jagriti and Asha Nilaya. What have I done – nothing 🙂 as of now since its just a day that I joined but I feel good already. Always I wanted to be a part of such a group which has a vision to help the needy, help for the betterment of the society. 

Doing something – whatever we can do – teach, console, counsel the kids who are the future for this country.Yes, we know we can’t make a huge difference, but I believe WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and already making a difference…! 


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  1. Welcome to the gang of crazy people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Make the group more crazier and spread the energies all over 🙂

  2. nice first stroke…welcome to the group,once again ! We expect that your contributions will grow as the time passes by and surely we would see “What have I done – nothing” changing to “What have I done – everything which is possible”

  3. Hi, I’m trying to connect with Asha Nilaya which is an orphanage in Ejipura behind National Games Village. Found a mention in u’r post and thought u could share their contact with me.


  4. sunayana18April 28, 2008 at 4:57 am

    Hi Brian,
    Sorry for late reply.This the contact address of AN:
    Asha Nilaya
    20 G Cross, Ejipura Main Road
    Vivek Nagar
    Bangalore – 560047
    Landmark: Behind National Games Village
    Phone: 080-25703630
    If you need anything more than this, pls mail me at

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