Open Minded

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Image Source: thequotepedia

Image Source: thequotepedia

We met as colleagues
in office for the first time,
when she newly joined and
I helped her out.

I was busy in my work
and she was in hers,
and never did our paths cross,
just a few hi’s and bye’s.

Then due to changes
in the office and
due to same project
as well as due to herย bad times
we started talking and
became good friends.

We became good friends,
just like 2 women army,
standing tall among all
the men and their politics.

That’s when she told me,
I never knew you were a person
like this,
I never knew we would become
friends like this,
I never knew you were such a
kind-heart and always thought
you to be arrogant and stubborn.

That’s when I told her,
wherever you go,
be open-minded and
never ever be
judgmental about a person
You never know when
you will become close to that person.


Until then,

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