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2016 is a year of Focus. Focus on things that I’ve always wanted to do and that I had left in the middle sometime back.

By the end of last year, I’d made up mind that it is time for me to have a website on my own. Not that I was tired of doing what I was doing in WordPress hosted blog. WordPress has and will always be my first choice for blogging. But just that, now, hosting and domain points to somewhere else, somewhere it says it is me entirely. Application is still wordpress. πŸ™‚

In the course of time, starting from deciding the website name to getting my old content back live, it has been a quite of a research. At one point in time (after too much of researching), I thought I may have to build each button, each post in a HTML/PHP kind of code. I’d a terrifying thought process for few hours, making me wonder, itll take forever for me get my content up and running..

There are many many many resources online that guides you but for a person like me who likes simple language and simple steps, there weren’t many. At the end of the struggle, I found a video from a fellow blogger and that eased my life out..

But before i share that with you, here are the steps – very simple terms – to create a website and to get going with your content.

#1. Finalise on the name of your website. For ex:

#2. Login to sites like or or or something local you have ( and check for the availability of the website name.

#3. Let’s consider, the website is available, you login and look for the best plan to get your domain name registered. I suggest you take 2+ years as it’ll be cost effective.

#4. Maybe in the same site such as or, you host your website – again purchase the hosting as per your convenience.

#5. In case your domain name is registered with 1 company and hosting with another, then you need to update the Name server details of your hosting company in the place where your domain is registered. For ex:, domain is registered in and Hosting is registered in; then you need to update the name server &/ IP address in

#6. Install WP(WordPress) application – highly recommended because you have superb themes, you dont have to break your head to create the webpage, it is easy and so many options for you Β to choose from.

#7. If you already have a content on a wordpress hosted blog, for ex:, you download the content by saying “Export” in wp-admin. Make sure you download the content in .XML format only.

#8. Once you install WP application, login to and import all the content and choose your theme and voila! you are live with your website..

#9. Best part is that if you don’t have any old content or want to start afresh, then after step #6., login to wordpress and choose a theme and then get your fingers to work.. πŸ™‚

Easy isnt it??

A video tutorial to help you visually can be found here –

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